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Christ's Psalms, Our Psalms


The Psalms have long been loved by believers. We turn to them to both praise God with thanksgiving and to plead with God for help. The struggles of the psalmists resonate with us and we treasure the same promises of the LORD that they relied on.


The meditations in Christ's Psalms, Our Psalms uncover those treasures. Sixteen Reformed pastors have written rich and easy-to-understand devotions that will help strengthen faith in God. Even more, the devotional shows how Jesus Christ is foreshadowed in all the laments, praises, thanksgivings found throughout the Psalms. Like David and the other poets, Jesus suffered greatly, learned to lean on his Father intensely, and had cause to give thanks abundantly - and all this He went through as our Mediator. Each devotion helps us to know the Saviour more deeply.

You can purchase Christ's Psalms, Our Psalms here.

For a detailed commentary on the Psalms, check out the companion 4-volume Christ's Psalms, Our Psalms Study Resource here.

"Psalms should be formative to Christian piety, but often we read them superficially or sentimentally. The Devotional opens the Psalms to us in an exegetical, clear, interesting, edifying, and Christ-centred manner. I have been using this book in connection with reading through the Psalms and have been greatly blessed."

-Joseph A. Pipa, Jr. 

President, Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary

"Christians have a duty to read the Psalms as Christ read the Psalms, so far as it is possible. This book helps us to do just that. A Christ-focused reading of the Psalms is always a welcome addition to the church. This emphasis, coupled with a strong devotional accent, leads me to warmly commend this book."

-Mark Jones 

Senior Minister at Faith Vancouver Presbyterian Church

Author of Knowing Christ

"Jesus told his disciples that the whole of what today we call the Old Testament anticipates his coming and that of course includes the book of Psalms. Christ’s Psalms, Our Psalms—Study Resource takes this claim seriously and, after interpreting a psalm in its original setting, does the serious work of showing how the psalm points to Christ. I enthusiastically recommend these volumes to all Christian readers of the book of Psalms."

-Tremper Longman III 

Distinguished Scholar and Professor Emeritus of Biblical Studies, Westmont College

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