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Thank God
Becoming More Grateful to the Greatest of Givers

Weak Pastor, Strong Christ explores Paul’s stormy yet affectionate relationship with the church of Corinth through a study of 2 Corinthians. Though written nearly two millennia ago, Paul’s letter offers contemporary pastors a compelling and encouraging portrait of Christian ministry.


Paul’s relationship with the Corinthians was marked by challenges and tensions that are still familiar to church leaders in the 21st century: comparison with other pastors, unfair criticism of ministry style, vocational stresses and hardship, disputes over money, and more. In Weak Pastor, Strong Christ these complexities are unpacked, and Paul’s vision for a Christ-pleasing ministry is explained. His ministry among the Corinthians is presented as a model for Christian pastors today who are dealing with the various pains and joys of ministry.


This book draws important lessons about pastoral ministry for Christian leaders who are engaged in preaching, pastoring, and praying for their congregations both in times of peace and strain. Together, Paul’s view of his relationship with the Corinthians and his ministerial style among them provide encouragement for weak pastors to persevere in ministry through a full reliance on God’s strong grace in Christ Jesus.

Thank God is available xxxxx and at many booksellers.

Alcoholics Anonymous and psychologists tell us frequently that thankfulness is key to mental health. But whom do we thank? And why? You can’t just command people to be grateful. What Thank God does so beautifully is to hold up before us the riches of God’s kindness in Christ so that we can be driven by gratitude instead of guilt. This book is a refreshing and exhilarating tour of the triune God ‘from whom all blessings flow.’

-Michael Horton

Professor of Theology, Westminster Seminary California

Host of White Horse Inn

Bredenhof dives into gratefulness and provides us with a discerning digest of its literature, both biblical and extra-biblical. He is right: all the Excel spreadsheets in the world would be inadequate to record your riches in Christ. Meanwhile, his catalog of blessings would give your spreadsheet a robust headstart. He provides incentive for redeemed sinners like me to erupt in a grateful response for the loving works of our triune God.

-Sam Crabtree

Pastor of Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota 

Chairman of the board of Bethlehem College & Seminary

Author of Practicing Thankfulness


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