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Wise: Living by the Ancient Words of the Commandments and Proverbs

Most Christians are familiar with the Ten Commandments, and many will regularly read Proverbs for a bite-sized piece of God’s wisdom. But how can we better apply these ancient words in the 21st century?


When we read Proverbs in the framework of the Ten Commandments, both parts of God’s Word come alive in new and practical ways. The authors of Proverbs have probed deeply into the law, reflecting on their own experiences in applying God’s commandments, and now sharing lessons with their students and readers. As Christians who want to live in devotion to God for redemption through Christ, it is instructive to study the law and Proverbs for their concrete guidance for life. These ancient words relate to such diverse areas of life as worship and prayer, our words and our money, marriage and sexuality, our fears, love, and desires.


With chapters on each of the Ten Commandments and questions for further study and reflection, Wise will instruct and encourage with the wisdom that comes from fearing God.

Wise is available online - for example, here or here.

"Scholars have often kept law and wisdom apart, but in this interesting and contemporary study the Ten Commandments and the book of Proverbs are woven together. They are written by the same God to the same Old Testament people of God, and God's values are revealed in both. Here Bredenhof applies them in a fresh and accessible way to how Christians should live." 


-Lindsay Wilson

Ridley College, Melbourne, Australia

Author of the Tyndale Commentary on Proverbs

"This book is biblically sound, deep, and fresh. Reuben Bredenhof has a gift for writing clear prose, making compelling arguments, and engaging contemporary issues wisely. I hope that Reformed Christians of all ages, education levels, and walks of life will read this and live by these truths that begin with the fear of the LORD."

-Theodore G. Van Raalte

Canadian Reformed Theological Seminary

Professor of Ecclesiology


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