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He Knows What You Need

Up one aisle, down the next.

The grocery cart slowly gets fuller: Raisin Bran, apples, toilet paper, three loaves of bread. We arrive at the checkout, payment is handed over, and we leave with the necessities for another week.

It seems a simple thing. We have certain physical needs, which we meet by buying groceries, paying the utility bills, and filling the car with gas. And the thing that keeps it all moving is money.

But where is it all from? Are those groceries in the pantry yours? Is the car in the garage yours? Is that money yours?

The Bible says differently: “The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it” (Ps 24:1).

If it’s all his, we should be going to him. So Jesus teaches us to pray to the Father every day, “Give us today our daily bread.”

Not that we should just be asking God for those three loaves—we should be praying to receive all those items in the cart, and so much more besides: all the daily necessities of life.

This prayer recognizes God’s glory as the generous master of everything. What we earn, and possess, and eat and drink, are all things given us by God.

Which means this prayer should ease our fears: we don’t have to worry about anything. Jesus says, “Your heavenly Father knows what you need” (Matt 6:32). Holding onto this truth, we slowly learn not to put our trust in ourselves or any earthly security, but only in our loving God.

And in that is our comfort. For we know God’s promises are sure; He promises to take care of all his children today, and forever.


Scripture: Psalm 34:1-10

Prayer: Heavenly Father, thank you for providing me with everything that I need each day of my life. Help me not to worry, but to trust in your faithful care. Amen.


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