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Thankful for Health Care

Sometimes I think that I’d prefer to live in the Middle Ages.

Something about the age of knights, castles, and chivalry is very appealing.

But on reflection, I realize that there is much to appreciate about living in the 21st century. This is particularly in relation to things like medical care.

I thank God that I can visit the dentist for regular cleanings and the occasional filling.

I thank God that today there are antibiotics to treat infections,

vaccinations for many pernicious diseases,

reliable medicine for headaches,

safe procedures to remove warts and moles,

and to mend broken bones.

Over the years I have met people who, for instance, suffered a broken femur in a car accident, or a smashed pelvis in a workplace injury, or bone cancer, or whose baby simply would not come out the ‘normal’ way.

In an earlier time—sometimes only a generation ago—many such things would’ve resulted in certain death or a life-altering disability.

The fact is, those romantic Middle Ages weren’t that great for human longevity, with their crude amputations, pointless bloodletting, and only the most rudimentary of medicines.

But in our time God has blessed us with amazing advances in medical technology. We thank God who can heal our diseases (Ps 103:3). Now the very sick face far better prospects of healing, and we are able to deal safely with some of the uncomfortable medical conditions we face.

Good health care—and access to this care—is one of God’s good gifts. Thank you, Lord.


Excerpt from Thank God: Becoming More Grateful to the Greatest of Givers

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