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Thankful for Providence

Have you ever thanked God for how He has guided your life?

Such gratitude requires us to pause and reflect on the trajectory that you have been on until this moment. We are where we are—and we are who we are today—because of innumerable events, personal associations, big and small decisions, blessings and tragedies.

Who were your parents?

What was your health like in your early years?

Where were you raised?

What friendships did you make in high school?

What career path did you decide to follow?

Whom did you marry?

What significant events stand out in your life?

Maybe a childhood illness, a move to a different country, the death of a loved one, a grievous moral failing, the gift of marriage or parenthood, or something else?

The course of anyone’s life is complicated. Yet looking back we can thank God for His faithful providence. For the sake of Christ, our Father has never stopped upholding and guiding us, and He never will.

Says Psalm 138:8,

The Lord will fulfill His purpose for me; Your steadfast love, O Lord, endures forever.

Even during your seasons of suffering, God has been gracious toward you, and was fulfilling His good purpose for you.

As one brother in Christ said, recalling the many heartaches endured over the past years: “I’m thankful to God for His answers to my prayers—answers which have always been good and right.”

Thank God for where He was brought you. Thank God for his gracious providence.



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