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Enjoying the Sweet Word of God

The Bible has a place in every Christian home.

We try to study it closely, and aim to read it often—perhaps every mealtime—for we need this spiritual food. In fact, if the Bible was food, we might compare it to meat, potatoes, and vegetables: staple food items which we eat for nourishment.

The Bible is spiritual food, but it’s more than the necessary protein and grains. Psalm 19:10 says the Word of God is like honey, and drippings of the honeycomb.

Nowadays, honey is readily available at grocery stores, and it’s a common choice as a spread for toast.

But back in David’s time honey was rare, a luxury item. As one of the only sweeteners, people craved honey, and were happy to find it. And like when we eat sugar, honey boosts energy: think of the hungry Jonathan in 1 Samuel 14:27 whose eyes are brightened when he tastes some honey.

Such is the power of God’s Word in the believer’s life. Psalm 19 describes how God reveals himself in the glories of his creation, and in the perfections of his law. David praises the LORD for the marvelous gift of the Scriptures, for they revive the soul and make wise the simple (v. 7), they rejoice the heart and enlighten the eyes (v. 8).

Just like Jonathan was reinvigorated by tasting honey, so the believer can be reinvigorated by being in the Word.

This is because Scripture teaches us the ways of God, his gracious promises and holy demands. Even more privileged than David was, we get to read the complete Word of God, the Old and New Testament, where we are told about the saving work of Christ and the transforming power of his Spirit. We can experience that these are the words of life, and we join David in saying that they’re sweeter than honey.

For the Word of God isn’t merely necessary, it is delightful, and it inspires our joy. There’s no earthly pleasure which can fully satisfy, but Scripture tells about the sweetest and truest thing that there is: communion with God through faith in Christ!

Are you craving that precious Word of God? Is it brightening your eyes, and warming your heart?

May we develop a daily delight in the Scriptures and in the gospel of Jesus, when we can say to God with the Psalmist, “How sweet are your words to my taste!” (119:103).


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