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Rooted in Worship

Have you ever thought about how the Lord’s day connects to the other six days?

Maybe Sunday is an opportunity to catch up on sleep from the busy week that is past. Or it’s a low-key way to ease yourself into the stress of the week that is just beginning.

Or could there be another link to the surrounding days?

When on Sunday we gather with his people and hear the gospel of the risen Christ, we realize better than on any other day how good it is to know the LORD! In Jesus we have a great Saviour, one who has conquered every enemy, and who promises to preserve us forever. At the beginning of the week, this truth gives us new strength for whatever the Father sets before us tomorrow.

Psalm 92 is called A Song for the Sabbath, and this song is all about how God helps us to thrive and be strengthened on the Lord’s Day. This is what the Psalmist says, “The righteous flourish like the palm tree and grow like a cedar in Lebanon” (v. 12).

Palms and cedars are both tall, stately trees. In verse 13 this Psalm even pictures these trees growing right on the temple grounds!

They are planted in the house of the Lord; they flourish in the courts of our God.

Such are the people who worship God, and who honour his day by meeting with him and hearing his Word.

Are you flourishing in the courts of God? Are you like a tree that’s rooted in his house?

When you draw your strength from the weekly preaching of the Word, then you’ll truly be strong. When the Lord’s day sets a joyful tone for you, then you will be ready to remain in that joy for the coming days. When you worship with a heart that is full of adoration for your Saviour, that spirit will help to carry you through the week.

Those with their roots sunk deep into the church of Christ will be blessed.

Also when Christians come into their latter years, it is worship that keeps them alive. Says the Psalmist about these holy trees, “they still bear fruit in old age” (v. 14). Most trees, once they get older, reach the end of a productive life. Not so with the trees of God: they keep bearing good fruits like peace, kindness, and faithfulness.

And that is in large part because the Holy Spirit keeps moving them to be in church on the Lord’s day. Even if they are physically not able to come, they still love to hear the gospel, and they continue draw much strength from it.

So be planted in God’s house! Be rooted in Christ’s Word, nourished through prayer, and refreshed by Sunday worship.

Then you’ll be fruitful all week, and all your life.


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