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The Renewing Spirit

At springtime we often marvel at the changing of the seasons.

As the snow finally disappears, as flowers emerge again from the earth and blossoms begin to burst, God’s faithful care for his creation is seen everywhere.

About this wonder Psalm 104:30 sings to the LORD,

When you send forth your Spirit, they are created, and you renew the face of the ground.

The Psalmist is recounting the spectacular works of God throughout the world: the heavenly lights, the clouds and wind, the seas and their creatures, the earth and its plants, animals and peoples. All these were created by Almighty God.

Created by God, to be sure, but the Psalmist is more specific: all things are created through God’s Spirit.

Already in Genesis 1 we see the Holy Spirit involved in creation, “hovering over the waters” (Gen 1:2).

This same Spirit now renews the earth that God has made. As the seasons change, it isn’t simply because the earth tilts on its axis in a certain way, relative to the sun.

The seasons change because of God’s powerful and providential command. God speaks, his Spirit goes forth, and the earth is renewed. In this way God continues to sustain every life.

This renewing power in creation is a beautiful picture of what God does in the hearts of all his believers. In the beginning, God simply spoke into the darkness of nothingness and there came miraculous light.

Today, God speaks into the darkness of our sinful lives through the gospel of salvation, and again there begins to shine a miraculous light. It is the light of Spirit-given faith, when we put our trust in the atoning work of Christ Jesus. Through him we cross over from death to life.

After that beginning work of regeneration, God continues to send us the Holy Spirit. He renews us inwardly, day by day. The Spirit is busy conforming us to the perfect pattern of God the Son, helping us to bear a harvest of spiritual fruit for his glory.

How is the Spirit’s renewal of your life?

Have you been seeing new blossoms of faith, hope and love?

Is there the evidence of a growing harvest for the LORD?

Pray daily for the gift of God’s Holy Spirit, that you may continue to be renewed and brought to life in Christ Jesus.


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