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Blessed are Christ’s People!

Count your blessings!

That’s an encouragement you will sometimes hear. It is meant as a reminder to take stock of the multitude of ways that the Triune God has blessed us. Once you start numbering his daily gifts, you should be impressed by the Lord’s steadfast goodness towards you—all of it granted freely, for the sake of his Son, our Saviour.

In its unique way, Psalm 144 urges us to count our blessings.

David’s situation when writing this psalm is when he is under assault by his enemies, perhaps an invading army or a mutinous rabble.

The situation might’ve seemed dire, but David’s refuge is God, who is solid and unshakable. David is sure that God is able to shield and preserve his people. With God as the true King and Warrior of his people, success is not in doubt, for He “gives victory to kings” (v. 10).

The second half of David’s prayer is an enthusiastic celebration of the blessings enjoyed by those who find refuge in God.

In verses 12-15, David piles up the tokens of God’s favour. It’s a wide-ranging picture of prosperity: healthy children, full storehouses, productive flocks, and peace in the streets. As the Psalm concludes,

Blessed are the people whose God is the Lord!

But regrettably, this kind of extravagant blessing was experienced only rarely during Israel’s history.

Not because the Lord’s goodness failed, but because his people and their kings strayed. Wicked or weak men took the throne, and the entire nation suffered the consequences in famine, plague and exile. The fullness of blessing that could’ve been theirs was justly held back.

We can read Psalm 144 today and reflect on how much greater is the church’s blessing in Christ. Why? Because at last we have a perfect king, the holy Son of David. He fought our battles and He conquered all our enemies. He rules us today from heaven in truth and justice.

And because Christ is our King, God grants us all the riches that belong to his Son. God might still give prosperity like this psalm describes: healthy children, full storehouses (or bank accounts), and peace in our streets—and we should thank him when He does give such things. But we have something far better and more lasting: true peace with God, renewal of life, and the hope of everlasting glory.

These blessings are only for those “whose God is the Lord.” After accomplishing for us great things in Christ, God calls us to humble faith in him—and as a fruit of this faith, loyal obedience. Christ is a King who commands our submission and service in every part of life, like in our work, our family, our church, and our leisure time. And it is good for us to be under his command.

When Christ is our God and Lord, then it is true, now and forever: How rich we are!

Blessed are the people whose God is the Lord!


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