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God’s Open Hand

It sometimes feels like governments take more than they give. All that we see is the tax deducted from our pay or added to our purchases, while the benefits that governments provide us can seem vague and intangible—unless we stop and think about it, of course.

But with God as the great King, it is plainly and abundantly clear that he is a generous provider for everyone and everything in his creation.

When you read Psalm 145, you will hear a celebration of the universal and eternal kingship of God. At the same time, we know that it is pointing forward to Christ, the Son of David, our great King. One of the many kingly activities that this Psalm speaks of is his care for the world. Consider what is depicted in verse 15,

The eyes of all look to you, and you give them their food in due season.

For the Lord not only created everything, but he sustains everything in faithfulness and goodness. He sends sun and rain, he causes crops to grow, and makes animals to multiply. This King benefits his kingdom and all who dwell therein!

Then on a similar theme, we hear how verse 16 praises the King,

You open your hand; you satisfy the desire of every living thing.

God opens his hand—maybe you have tried to feed some little birds in the same way. You took a handful of birdseed and you held it up and opened your fingers, so the bravest of the birds could alight and enjoy a quick meal.

Like that, the Lord in his generosity satisfies our desires and provides for our needs. For us, his precious children in Christ, the Father's hand is always full. All that he has to do is open his hand and we’ll have enough, everything that is needful. With him, our cup overflows.

One wonderful consequence of this reality is that there is no need for you to be worried, whether it’s about your physical health, or about your finances, or your family, your work, or anything. Pray to God about all these things with boldness and faith! Because you know that you are asking the King who has every available resource. You are asking the King who simply has to open his hand.

And this glorious King can meet your deepest need in a way that nothing else in all creation is able to. Christ our King is the Bread from heaven, the one gave his life for us, and who now fills us with his grace. When you trust in him, he promises to open his hand and grant you the forgiveness of sins and the renewal of spirit.

Christ is the kind of King you can trust with your whole life, in body and soul!


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