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Praying Like a Child

Children can be very direct.

If they want something, they ask without hesitation. If they trust someone, they simply reach out their hand.

In his perfect prayer, Jesus teaches us to have this same childlike attitude. Jesus tells us, “This is how you should pray: ‘Our Father in heaven’” (Matt 6:9).

We know what fathers are like, and every good characteristic of earthly fathers finds perfection in the heavenly Father. He is compassionate, patient, strong, wise, and generous. He listens, and He answers. With him we are secure.

In every way, our heavenly Father shows all other fathers how it’s done. While we might’ve been let down many times by our earthly fathers, or even if we have badly failed as fathers ourselves, the Father in heaven will never disappoint.

If we call on God as “our Father in heaven,” our prayers begin on the right notes of reverence and trust. And because He is heavenly in his power and He is fatherly in his love, we know that we can be very direct with this God.

We can say thank you to him. We can admit to him the things we’ve done wrong and we can ask for his mercy. Without hesitation we can ask for all the good gifts that He has promised in his Word. We can reach out our hand to him, time and again.

Yet Jesus says that these marvelous privileges aren’t for everyone. Only those who put their faith in the Son of God can be called God’s children.

Through Jesus the Son, let us pray every day to the Father, confident that He’ll never ignore one of his own.


Scripture: Matthew 7:7-11

Prayer: LORD, I thank you for being a Father to your believers through Christ Jesus. Help me to trust in you and to walk with you each new day. Amen.


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