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War of Two Worlds

The Lord’s Prayer is often thought of as a quiet statement of trust and peace.

But when we come to the second request of this prayer, we find that it’s much more than a peaceful poem for reciting in our tranquil moments. For Jesus teaches us to pray to God, “Your kingdom come.”

Behind this petition is firstly the truth that God in heaven is a king; “I will extol you, my God and King,” sings David in Psalm 145:1.

Because God made this whole world, He rules it. Because God saved his people, He governs them as Lord. Like a nation today is ruled according to its law and constitution, so God rules over all by his Word and will.

Yet God isn’t the only one who has a kingdom.

From the beginning, God and Satan have been opposed to one another. Satan aspires to rule this world instead of God. And Satan does in fact hold cruel power over many people, enslaving them to do his will. The kingdom of darkness is real and it is always pressing to advance.

Thus when Jesus teaches us to pray, “Your kingdom come,” it is actually a war prayer.

We pray that the kingdom of Christ would advance.

We ask God to destroy the devil’s works in this world, and in our own lives.

We plead for God to cover us completely with his spiritual armour.

We ask God the King to keep us, his blood-bought citizens, safe and sound!

With this prayer, Jesus challenges all of us to be on the right side of the war—his side. For ultimately there are only two masters and two kingdoms.

Which master do you serve? Will you be on the winning side?


Scripture: Ephesians 6:10-20

Prayer: God my King, preserve me in this spiritual battle against the evil one. Make me strong in you, and help me always submit to your good rule. Amen.



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